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Here’s What Your BLOODTYPE Reveals About Your PERSONALITY!


No one really knows if a person’s blood type and their character traits are associated with each other. Nonetheless, there are cultures and societies that have faith that the two are linked with each other. This is predominantly common in Japan where magazines are publishing blood type horoscopes. Aside from that, people are also being questioned during a job interview of their blood type to see if they’ll be really suitable for the position.

Perhaps blood type must be utilized for more than just matching organ donors. Maybe it could be also used for matching people. Ask on your succeeding date and then use this list to see if you’ve already found your perfect type.

A TYPE (A+, A-)

A-type is one of the most populated blood types. Those people with A type are allegedly compliant and sensitive while being clever and passionate perfectionists. They find it significant to get along with other people and tend to contain their feelings in order to do that. There are times that this makes them uncomfortable around people.

They can be wary, quiet, anxious and exasperated, but they stay calm in a crisis due to their strength. Those who belong to A type are very accountable and they crave for success. Nonetheless, there are times that they’re unable to sleep well due to stress since it affects them from the inside. Due to their innate compassion, the A type is thought to be very imaginative and the most inventive of the blood types.

B TYPE (B+, B-)

The third in line when it comes to population count is the B type. The B type is a more balanced blood type. They’re reflected to be the most practical among all the types. They can be considerate and subtle, but they are also determined with some leadership assets. They wanted to know all the particulars and directions of a project before they hurdle in.

They’re concentrated and goal oriented, even in the face of something that seems impossible. Since they’re individualists and they like to follow their own rules, B type can seem unhelpful. They can also appear as cold and serious because they concentrate more on their views than their sentiments.


While they’re the least populated among all the blood types, the ABs are the most prevalent in a crowd. Since they are both A and B blended, there are times that they have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum. For example, they can be both reluctant and outgoing. Nonetheless, they’re charming and don’t get extinguished by small things.

They’re lively and spiritual, and their lives tend to be jam-packed with excitement. Occasionally ABs can appear flaky because while they’re accountable and dependable, they don’t want to be asked for too much and they only want to do kindnesses on their own terms. They do their individual thing and, similar to the A-type, they don’t react well to stress.

O TYPE (O+, O-)

The type Os has the most number of populations. In fact, more than 35 percent of all people have the type O+ blood. This is the independent type and they’re known as the cream of the crop and the loners. They’re independent and bold, despite that they value the sentiments of other people. The O types are also instinctive and concentrated, but there are times that they aren’t reliable because they hand over too easily.

They’re known as the most supple among the blood types. They’re active and social, and they have the tendency to be outgoing and like to be in the limelight. Nonetheless, their confidence and boldness can make them appear too detached. Stress is not a problem for an O, but they normally feel much better if they can be frequently physically active.

In addition, if you need a quick reference guide so you can make a sudden decision, here’s a list of the compatibilities among the blood types.

  • As are well-matched with As and ABs.
  • Bs are well-matched with Bs and ABs.
  • ABs are well-matched with ABs, Bs, As and Os (pretty much everybody).
  • Os are well-matched with Os and ABs.

So, is your result accurate? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends for them to know their personality based on their blood type too!